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Scented Miracles

Oh darling, everyday is a miracle, life don't just look great, but it smells lovely too! That was our inspiration for our newly curated range of Scented Miracles consisting of preserved flowers + sola flowers. These imported sola flowers, handmade from natural materials - shavings from tapioca or balsa tree bark are at the same time a diffuser for your essential oils and aromatic fragrances!

While everyday living can often meet with stressful times, plus filled with the use of products with synthetic chemicals, it is only crucial to being mindful of the state of our mental health wherever we are.


This creation is also in hope for an elevated living with positive influence on how one sees, think, feel and live. Reaping benefits of joy and health with the visual beauty of floral design and therapeutic effects of essential oils.


Meanwhile, here are more information about our 3 handpicked complimentary oils - 

  • Wild Orange; (Pressed from orange rinds peel)
    • Scent: Fresh, sweet and citrus
    • Main constituent: Limonene
    • Promotes an energising atmosphere
    • Creates an uplifting environment
  • Lavender; 
    • Scent: Floral, light and powdery
    • Main constituent: Linalool, Linalyl acetate, Ocimene
    • Ease anxious feelings
    • Promotes peaceful sleep
  • Eucalyptus; 
    • Scent: Airy and calming
    • Main constituent: Eucalpytol, alpha-terpineol
    • Promotes feelings of relaxation
    • Promotes feelings of clear breathing

Have you purchased yours or send one to say "I care for you!"? Discover more of our scented miracles here, or have them add-on into your preferred designed theme. We hope you love these creations like we do!

Team Floral Mikelle

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