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Preserved flowers FAQ

Wondering what are preserved flowers and the world of these state-of-the-art trendy real flowers? Sharing a series of FAQs about what are preserved flowers, how are they preserved and many other questions about these real flowers that can last up to years with minimal conditioning! Read on to discover!

1. What are preserved flowers?
Preserved flowers are 100% real and natural flowers that have gone through state-of-the-art preservation technology, thus retaining their suppleness and textures while being able to last a longer period of time.

2. How are they preserved?
To begin, the (real flowers) are first cut at the peak of their bloom (where they are the most beautiful). Then they are soaked in alcohol and dehydrating fluids before colors are applied to them, hence they are more vibrant and lasting.

4. Where do preserved flowers come from?
Japan and Korea are the first two countries whom started this floral preservation technology. Several others where we have them largely are from - China, Spain, Italy

5. Why are they connected via wooden sticks or wires?
Some preserved flowers have soft stems, and some are without stems (like roses), which may be prone to breakage. Thus to ensure they are well-supported within the bouquet or vase arrangements, the wooden sticks and wires are added to create what we call a "false stem" so that it is easier for you to handle.

6. How long will they last?
They typically last from 3 - 6 months depending on environmental conditions. i.e: The same batch of flowers may last differently basis on their display area that could be exposed to different conditions which are unaware to the untrained eyes, like humidity. They succumb to heat, sunlight, water, wind and esp humidity.

7. Is air-conditioning good for preserved flowers?
Yes AND no! Let us explain.. Yes in the way that we know air-conditioning generally reduces the humidity in the air. At the same time, when cool air has been blowing at anything, once the cool air is removed, the increase in temperature (though a few degrees), will have caused slight condensation of water on the flowers (appearing as softening of flowers / stems / petals). Thus kindly avoid displaying flowers at direct air-conditioned areas!

8. Care tips for preserved flowers
- Avoid any contact with water, displaying them under direct sunlight / heat sources / direct air-conditioning
- Avoid crushing, pressing or folding the petals as the flowers may break
- Keep the flowers indoor, a cool, dry place to avoid exposing them to environments that will accelerate their degradation

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