Top 5 flower types recommended for Mothers' Day 2022


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Top 5 flowers for Mothers' Day

How about selecting flowers accordingly to floriography - the language of flowers for your Mothers' Day flowers? With every flower coming in their own set of meanings / symbolism according to their floriography, be amazed with how much more Mom will love her flowers knowing your hearts, thoughts and efforts are put into choosing one just for her!

Here are our top 5 recommended flower types for Mothers' Day!

1. Carnations


The classics! They symbolise admiration, deep love and affection as they encapsulates the bond between a mother and child perfectly! Available in various colors and shapes (carnation blooms and spray carnations), our favourite has to be those from the Dutch! And incorporated in this year's offering is a delicate and lovely design - Mummy arrangement.


2. Roses

While generally roses symbolise romance, orangey picks are a symbol of energy and enthusiasm. How fitting for an energy boost for our moms whom always sacrifices their sleep time isn't it? Additionally handpicked is a premium garden rose bloom with pink fringes reminding mummy she is loved aside from the battery booster color! Choose from 9 stems or 18 stems for Mother today!


3. Peonies

Generally symbolic of love, honor, happiness wealth, romance, and beauty, the peony is traditionally given on special occasions as an expression of goodwill, best wishes, and joy. The perfect flower for the queen of our hearts!


4. Gerbera daisies

These daisies definitely bring the smilies and colors! Often symbolising cheerfulness and innocents, we have specially selected a light and fluffy yellow selection this year for your celebration! Discover more of this unique Mama design!


5. May we have a cheat on this? Preserved flowers as a whole may we recommend!


Why? Recall how often mothers will comment saying "Let's be practical, flowers die fast!". Preservered flowers generally lasts from 3 - 6 months with minimal conditioning, certainly a different take to fresh flowers and a longer time frame for mummy's enjoyment and appreciation! Discover more value for money preserved flower designs here.

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