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Top 5 flowers for Mothers' Day
How about selecting flowers accordingly to floriography - the language of flowers for your Mothers' Day flowers? With every flower coming in their own set of meanings / symbolism according to their floriography, be amazed with how much more Mom will love her flowers knowing your hearts, thoughts and efforts are put into choosing one just for her!Here are our top 5 recommended flower types for Mothers' Day!1. CarnationsThe classics! They symbolise admiration, deep love and affection as they encapsulates the bond between a mother and child perfectly! Available in various colors and sha..
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Sola Flowers FAQ
1. What are sola flowers?Sola flowers are wood flowers. They are an eco-friendly and sustainable alternative to cut flowers.2. How are they created?Made from a plant called Aeschynomene aspera - A plant that grows wild in marsh areas. The plant has a layer of bark that covers the internal, cork-like center of the plant where the bark is stripped and the centre is made into thin sheets. Where the latter are then hand-cut to make sola wood flowers. Sometimes, the bark is left on before the creation of sheets, creating a unique two-tone effect on the flower, hence you may see brown veins on your ..
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Bespoke flowers and all it entails!

Singapore best bespoke florist floral mikelle shares a quick note on how each flower customisation work for both corporates and individuals.

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Preserved flowers FAQ

Wondering what are preserved flowers and the world of these state-of-the-art trendy real flowers? Floral mikelle answers a series of FAQs about what are preserved flowers, how are they preserved and many other questions about these real flowers that can last up to years with minimal conditioning! Read on to discover!

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Quick and pretty WFH (work from home) tips!

Quick, easy and fuss free work from home tips!

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