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Bespoke flowers and all it entails!

- Adjective
- Made for a particular customer or user
- Anything commissioned to a particular specification (Customs, tastes, usages of an individual purchaser)

That sums it all for our bespoke flower arrangements, be it fresh or preserved flowers! Each is one-of-a-kind, special, exclusive and truly-yours

Now that you understand how unique your arrangements are, how bout a short 3 steps about the creation process?

1. Select gifting options

  • Type - Bouquet / Vase / Floral Boxes
  • Size - S / M / L
  • Flowers - Fresh / Preserved / Mixed
  • Occasion, flower and color preferences?

2. Select delivery date and time

3. Sit back, relax and leave the remaining flowery magic to us!

Easy peasy, yes?

Well, the more you fill us in, the more specific we can get to meeting your expectations! And we'd love to go beyond it! We incorporate flower symbolisms and color theories into portraying your thoughts and conveying your messages through flowers. They are designed to express and impress!

That being said, it also requires you to understand the recipient slightly better so we can get the best and right preferences! You may also send us pictures of inspo too! Be assured that we will try our best to replicate the style and colour,  but it won’t be exactly the same due to seasonal differences affecting the availability/ colour/ size/ shape of each bloom.

And of course, service is also key! We'd try our best to ensure it's a surprise, or a delivery to meet your planned timing so that your gestures are perfectly orchestrated and remembered the same! Truly, theres nothing else!

Thinking of having your unique, one-of-a-kind piece?

Chat with us at (65) 8784 5750 or leave us a text and we'd get right to it!

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