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Flower essentials!

Hello again!


A post to celebrate the end of our first week of circuit breaker measures in Singapore. If you're reading from another country, holla out with a quick comment so we'd know where you from!

Nonetheless, how have your first week been? So we managed an opportunity to head out to get daily necessities and essentials. And guess what i have to bring home?!

You are right! Fresh flowers from the supermarket! Missing the fragrance of fresh flowers so dearly, and above are two common fresh flowers you may find as well! - Lilies and roses. Most large supermarkets (at least in Singapore) like NTUCs, Cold Storage, Giants and Market Place do have them available under the gardening section!


Having said that, we thought it will be lovely to share what are the differences between a florist flowers and those from the supermarket - 

  • Longevity

As florists are trained to process the flowers (i.e: treating the flowers, keeping them at proper temperatures, changing the water.. etc), flowers tend to stay fresher longer in comparison.

  • Prices

While supermarket flowers are more affordable, costing at a fraction of a bouquet from a florist, the quality of flowers justifies the higher cost.

  •  Variety

A wider and greater selection of flowers are available at a florist, sometimes even exotic blooms that are being procured comparing to a limited range as the floral department in a supermarket is smaller than an average floral shop

  • Service

The main key! Because florists specialise in flowers, it is our best interest to sell the best quality and share our knowledge about the best flowers to send, how to care for your flowers while flowers may not be the priority at a supermarket.


With above pointers, you may better understand the advantages of buying your fresh flowers from us than a supermarket. Not being bias in our views, but wanting the best for you as you deserve it! These may be especially helpful if you are celebrating a special occasion or wanting to leave a lovely first impressions, or just to convey really heartfelt messages and are clueless to how to do it - Say it with flowers by Floral Mikelle.


To a beautiful week ahead! 


Love, Team Floral Mikelle

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