Quick and pretty work from home tips


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Quick and pretty WFH (work from home) tips!


Who's working from home! Us for sure, as well as those residing in Singapore as we move into our nation's circuit breaker. It is definitely crucial and essential for us to do this and we definitely give thanks to our Singapore government in making this decision. Keeping the big picture in mind to containing the COVID-19 situation.

With that being said, we are here, bringing you beauty and life, sharing some quick and pretty work from home (WFH) tips you may find useful:


1. Establish a permanent work space
Commit to working in the space every day. Only be there if you're working because if you never fully disconnect from work, your work productivity will suffer and your home life can take a hit as well.


2. Get pretty and comfy
We mean get off the couch and bed, dressed well for your meetings. Perhaps it is also time to invest in a comfortable office chair, a large desk, and good AV equipments (for your online meetings) since you will be in and at them for at least 8 hours! Not forgetting your potted greens / beautiful flower arrangements as a constant spirit uplifter!!


3. Have a routine
Set working hours, break hours and stick to them. Use a planner if it helps you being more organised or even alarms as a reminder. 


4. Be mindful of distractions
It is humans to be distracted, however being wary of how much you let yourself get distracted is the key. This is definitely challenging for parents with children, or those worried about housework, or even simply the kitchen / refrigerator because of the snacks! Consider keeping yourself still, and If you’re someone who’s susceptible to getting distracted every time you get a news / any alert, turn your notifications off during the workday while reminding yourself some items can wait!


5. Communicate and socialise
We tend to forget that we need to be around others because it’s the small talks and random chit chats that keep your days feeling unique and prevent the loneliness and isolation to kicking in. Combat this by talking with your coworkers throughout the day through short calls, texts, or however your company communicates. Try a lunch gathering over Zoom!


Lastly, the health of all depends on each one of us.

Let's be encouraged, hope-filled and stay home safely and pretty!


Love, Team Floral Mikelle

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