Blooming to and in the new normal

It's been a challenging (almost) 2 months with the circuit breaker measures isn't it?
At the same time, this unprecedented times have provided a unique opportunity for everyone to pause, look, and think. For family life, work life, businesses.. every moment has been presented with escalated ongoing changes and even new ones.

How are you embracing the changes? Perhaps allow us to share our personal tips..

1. A small action at a time

Well, towards achieving outcomes, changes are the only constant. And you are not going to be able to effect a full wholesome change overnight. So just find one small action step that you can take, then do it, and then, do another.

Set an end goal, trace backwards and you'll end up working to the very first action step you can take. Small steps make change palatable and easier to accomplish, for yourself and for your team!

2. Be flexible - How bout going backwards?

Sometimes, it takes going back in order to move forward. An example, an arrow can only be shot by pulling it backwards. This may be in terms of status, pay or other factors required to get to the next level. We trust that you are nimble enough to do that, start with your mind first!

3. Surround yourself with positive people

Typically, the biggest roadblock to change is you, is your mind! While needing to counteract to your personal thoughts, your surrounding is important! Surround yourself with amazing and positive people inspires you, invigorates yourself and even fill yourself with new ideas! Others will encourage you to step up your own game, give you energy and help you propel forward. Life is too short for any negativity!

4. You can do it!

No change is too large for anyone! It is definitely not easy, but tell yourself, you're on your way! Persistence will prevail!

With that, may we end with - "Change is a big part of being successful. And you are successful!".

P/s: If you think this is helpful and will like to encourage someone, do share freely! We are more than happy for you to do that!

Team Floral Mikelle



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