Fresh flower care tips

1. Trim
Remove flowers from bouquet / vase. Pinch off any dying flowers and remove any damaged or yellowing leaf. Trim the bottom 1 inch of each stem at a 45 degrees angle. Recutting opens the stems so they can begin taking in water again.
2. Water
Hydrating is key! Prepare a clean vase with room-temperature water or change vase water and dissolve the flower food in the water according to the packet's directed instructions. 
3. Sun
Keep your lovelies away from direct sunlight or heat sources!
4. Repeat
Do this every other day to keep them fresh and pretty!

Preserved flower care tips

1. Water 
Avoid ANY contact with water 
2. Sun
Keep the flowers indoor, in a cool dry place to avoid exposing them to environments that accelerate their degradation 
3. Repeat
Avoid crushing, pressing or folding the petals as the flowers may break just as it would happen with the petals of a real flower